What You Should Not Eat After Exercise

Experts advise that after a workout, a person should consume carbohydrates and protein so as to replenish the energy they’ve lost. It is recommended to wait at least 45 minutes before eating a post-workout meal.

The type and amount served for an after-workout meal will vary depending on the person’s goal: to lose or to gain weight. However, when it comes to the foods to avoid following a workout, the list is merely the same.

After the calories are burned, calorie-intake should be consumed in a mindful manner. You wouldn’t want the effort and time spent on your workout to be put to waste. Below is a list of food a person must avoid eating after a workout:

Sugary Drinks

All a person can absorb on sugary drinks is well, just sugar. In fact, some drinks even have excessive amounts of sugar and calories. One sugary drink that most people mix-up and generalize as being healthy is a smoothie. Although there are smoothies that are packed with protein and fiber, there are also a lot that is filled with too much sugar, fillers, and even chemicals that are not good for your body system. It is best practice to double-check the protein powder or ingredients of the smoothies you’re going to drink before consuming one after a workout. 

Low-Carb Meals

Keep in mind that the reason why you’re going to eat after a workout is to fill up your body with the proper nutrients and energy that you lost after the exercise. Protein and carbohydrates go together in that process. Nutrition experts advise to take in smart carbohydrates such as:

  • Whole Grains
  • Legumes
  • Fruits, specifically the following:
    • Strawberry
    • Banana
    • Blueberry
    • Kiwi
  • and Vegetables

Processed Foods

Part of a successful exercise is to sweat, and through sweating, the body loses water and potassium that triggers the craving for anything salty and sweet. Where else do people get those cravings easily? On processed foods, indeed. In spite of that, you must remember that fast food meals or canned goods are not the only way to go. Opting to eat a banana and drink more water will fill in your body without the excess calories. 

Fried or Oily Foods

Ever noticed how after eating a fast-food burger or french fries, you’ll often feel sleepy and unmotivated to move around? That’s because they contain high amounts of fat which slow down your metabolism. A good alternative for fried foods are baked, steamed, or grilled prepared meals. The latter doesn’t only charge your body with energy and strength, it’ll also keep and provide the right sustenance to keep you moving for the rest of the day.


Drink it before exercise but do not intake any after. Caffeine is beneficial for an energy boost but right after losing water in your system, it’s only best to fuel up with water as well.

Both exercise and coffee cause the body to release cortisol — a stress hormone that increases sugar in the bloodstream. Although it’s beneficial for the body, anything that’s too much will only lead to health problems like hormonal imbalance or cardiovascular issues.

Ultimately, the keynote is to discipline yourself into consuming the right food by thinking if its effect would be favorable to your overall health or will only satisfy you at the moment but will leave your body in a poor state.

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