What Equipment Do Yoga Beginners Need?

Yoga is an exercise that practices breath control, meditation, and flexibility through various body positions. Unlike other types of exercise, Yoga is more relaxed and doesn’t involve quick and intense activities that increase muscle tension.

Whether it’s a studio class or a practice at home, we listed down below the necessary things a beginner should prepare prior to starting out Yoga:

Comfortable Clothes

Keep in mind that Yoga involves achieving certain body poses and it together for at least 1-2 breaths or up to 5 minutes, depending on what form is being practiced. For this reason, it is very important to appear on yoga sessions wearing clothes that are breathable and comfortable enough for any types of movement.

There’s no need to splurge on yoga clothes. The items listed below might even be on your wardrobe already:

  • Shorts – A perfect choice for both men and women — just remember to wear a spandex underneath or find one that already has a connected tights inside the shorts since some yoga poses require stretching or raising of legs.
  • Pants – Solid color pants in black, dark grey, navy, or brown are perfect. If tight pants such as leggings are not your thing, opting for jogger or harem pants are good alternatives.
  • Sports Bra – For women, of course. Although yoga is low-impact it’s still necessary to wear one to keep the chest area secure and in place while transitioning from one pose to another.
  • Hair Ties or Headbands – Highly advisable for those with long hair, a basic hair tie or band will help keep the long locks off your face so as to avoid distraction and for better execution of the yoga movements.
  • Yoga Socks – Yoga is preferable to be done barefoot. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t like taking off their socks and shoes in front of strangers, or simply doesn’t like doing activities barefoot, it’s wise to invest in yoga socks that have grips on the bottom. The grips will aid your balance to avoid slipping and sliding. Do take note that regular socks won’t do.

Yoga Mat

In Yoga, the mat is considered as your personal space. It is where you’ll execute the different yoga positions for each session, help keep the grip of your hands and feet, and serve as cushion on a hard floor.

Yoga Mats can vary from cheap finds to expensive ones. If you’re really committed to having yoga as part of your lifestyle, purchasing the latter is more beneficial in the long run as they’re well-built and can last months, or even years.

Another factor to consider are the mat features such as: length, thickness, material, durability, and ease of use.

Face Towel and Water Bottle

Just because yoga is a low-impact exercise, that doesn’t mean you won’t be sweating. In fact, beginners sweat a lot on their first session. It’s best to keep a face towel beside your mat to remove excess sweat and a water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout or at the end of each session.


After preparing the above necessities for your first yoga, it is also essential to prepare yourself physically and mentally. You are the significant part of this practice; do some stretching, set your mind about the session you’re about to attend, and do not go to class with a full stomach as it will hold you back from achieving the yoga positions you’ll be doing.

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